Why We Nitro

At Counterflow Coffee we are here to answer two questions: What is nitro cold brew and why do we nitro? Nitro is cold coffee on tap that has been infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles. The nitrogen bubbles give the coffee a foamy texture, kind of like a beer. It actually looks pretty similar to the leading nitro stout beer companies! It starts off just like a regular coffee, in terms of the brewing process, but it is put into a keg and run out of a tap. As a nitro cold brew pours out, it looks like a beautiful multicolored cascading brew with a thick foamy top.

Now, we do we nitro? Nitro cold brew tastes sweeter, thicker, and smoother than regular cold brew coffee. The reason why we nitro is because it tastes much less acidic and provides an added caffeine boost. We feel that this method has the ability to make black coffee taste smoother and sweeter naturally. We love that we can drink nitro cold brew straight from the tap without having to add anything to it in order for it to taste great. The added caffeine boost is definitely an added bonus!

Who We Are


Who We Are