Counterflow Coffee
Who We Are

Who We Are

At Counterflow Coffee, we are a different kind of coffee company. We fight the current. Born and raised in San Diego, we were searching for a nitro cold brew coffee blend with the smoothest taste and highest caffeine buzz. We were surrounded by craft coffee culture, but unable to find something elevating without the acidic and bitter taste. That is why we decided to take a different approach to coldbrew coffee, while infusing it with nitrogen for enhanced flavor and an enjoyable drinking experience. Nothing goes down quite like a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from Counterflow Coffee!

Rise & Grind

Our special blend of beans provides an elevation unlike anything else. We made it our mission to find a high caffeine payoff that lasts through our workdays, with a flavor that isn’t too intense to consume. Our blend truly fuels our work ethic.

A Better Way to Brew

Each batch of Counterflow Coffee is expertly crafted to meet not only our quality standards, but yours as well. Our lightly roasted beans deliver low acid and super smooth flavor every single time. We brew our batches one steep at a time.

Fight the Current

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA, we are surrounded by craft culture. From food, to beer, to coffee – everything has been hand crafted with passion. We made it our mission to think outside the box with our blend of coffee beans and the way we brew. We fight the current to get a flavor we actually enjoy.


Who We Are


5751 Copely Dr Suite C,
San Diego, CA 92111


Monday – Saturday
11am – 9pm
Sunday Closed